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Akiva Jeep Adventures

Every tour a new experience. All tours are customized to meet the clients’ needs. Our air-conditioned jeep can provide groups of all ages an off-road adventure in Northern Israel seen by few.

You can explore a side of Israel’s natural beauty and rich history only accessible by a 4X4 off road jeep. See the unspoiled beauty, away from the crowds, and go behind the scenes where history was made. Akiva Oren has more than 25 years experience as a tour guide in Northern Israel and escorting the press during times of conflict. Either chasing the breaking story or leisurely enjoying the wonders of Northern Israel, Akiva can share with you his knowledge of the history and nature of the North. You chose the adventure you like. Trace the history of the Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Druze, and/or the Bahai. Follow the path of the armies and battles that defined the region, from the ancient times of the Romans and the Crusaders, to the modern battles of the Syrians and Israelis that shape our world today. Bath in the waters of the River Jordan. Or just relax and enjoy some of the most beautiful waterfalls and spots of natural beauty in Israel. You decide; just let Akiva know the adventure you seek, and set off on your customized tour that will exceed your expectations.